Introducing Mr. Luke Clarke.

As many of you might know, I always strive to help the younger generation. I, myself am only 25 but I feel I can use my past and present experiences to ‘mentor’ those younger than me, who are struggling to find their path in life. I don’t do this for financial gain, I do this because I feel that if there had been someone close to me that had gone through the same kind of things I did whilst I was being kicked out of school I would have really benefited from it. I do it because apprenticeships have changed my life for the better, I would be nowhere without them so it is time for me to give back, in the hope I can inspire people to do the same, inspire others to push themselves to achieve more and learn from those ‘in the know’, push themselves to gain an apprenticeship, succeed, travel the world and eventually be proud of what they have achieved.

Although that might seem a little farfetched, that I could possibly inspire people to change and in all honesty that might be correct but it is worth a go and last week whilst perusing the Twitter’sphere I came across Luke and his work and decided to offer my help.

Luke’s story resonated with me. I was sent his story via email once contact was made and whilst reading it I was astounded at how similar our stories are. Luke, similar to my experience is struggling in school. Luke finds it hard to concentrate in class so fills his time by acting like the class clown and due to this finds himself placed in a ‘behavioural centre’ some of the time which is what happened to me all them years ago.

Luke meeting George Clarke, and some examples of his work.

Luke meeting George Clarke, and some examples of his work.

I know what you’re thinking, OK so Luke act’s up, where is this going? Luke’s story takes it’s turn here – his work. Luke’s passion is construction and at the age of just 14 his skills are clear and for all to see. In a recent resistant material GCSE project Luke was asked, along with his class to design and build something from scratch. The majority of the class chose to build bird boxes whilst Luke, being Luke decided as he had been building bird boxes since primary school to push himself a little bit more. Luke decided to build a coffee table with a built in draw. This however cause concern for his teacher stating that the project would be too expensive. Luke on the other hand had other plans and with a little help from the school caretaker gained permission to use the schools old gym benches and he did just that to great results. Luke’s passion and goal is to ultimately set up his own business and build a home using only reclaimed material, which is just very impressive for a lad of his age and is, once again very similar to myself. The projects he takes on are at this stage relatively small but are proving quite a hit in his local community and sell like hot cakes. Luke gets his materials from local builders who very kindly donate to him waste materials, he then uses these to build various small structures to sell and save up money for better tools to make better things. On his Twitter Bio he states ‘no X-Box for me – just raw materials and power tools’ At such a young age this entrepreneurial and inspiring streak cannot be ignored which is why The Apprentice-Ship has spread it’s welcoming wing and stuffed Luke under it in the hope that I can help him achieve his dreams.

At this very moment in time I am working with Luke to set out some goals, getting down to the nitty gritty and ensuring that he know’s what he can expect in the future and how he should go about this. I am personally taking it upon myself to create a website for Luke so he can, like myself start a Blog and begin to document his work. I am not doing this for my own personal gain I am doing this because this very website you’re now casting your eyes upon has truly helped me get to where I am today so I feel this is a great start.

The next big step we’re looking into is trying to gain Luke a placement with a building company OR a place on some weekend construction courses which is proving to be a little difficult due to his age. A lot of companies and placement providers, due to insurance etc will not entertain Luke (who is based in Derby, UK) until he is 16 or they are willing to but raise their prices due to this, which is obviously outrageous! If someone like Luke, at his age has a passion and drive to make something of his life in the world of construction surly we should be harnessing this instead of putting it on hold? There is never an issue if someone his age is making great strides in the world of Mathematics for example, they are soon pushed up into higher classes with people three times their age, yes I know this has different health and safety factors etc but my point remains. Open your doors!

If you, like me feel compelled to try and help Luke and feel you’re in the position to do so whether it might be helping Luke gain a place at a college or with a building company, helping design a website alongside myself, helping promote Luke’s story via the social media world or even donating a new workshop / garden shed or even some tools (YES PLEASE) to help Luke create bigger and better things at home to help fund his future then please get in touch via the contact page and let’s work together and help Luke make his dreams a reality.

Follow Luke on Twitter and watch his progress HERE alternately you can follow all The Apprentice-Ship social media outlets as I am sure there will be a few posts on the way.

I can assure you this won’t be the last you hear about Luke here on The Apprentice-Ship this is only the beginning.

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  1. Les Bronee Reply

    As tradesmen and women we’re obliged to pay the skills forward and yet few of todays youth appreciate the value of hands on skills so basic to all our needs. This lads story is a refreshing one, and its great to see you helping him build whats sure to be a successful career. Thanks LB